On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 5:03 PM, Hardy Ferentschik <hardy@ferentschik.de> wrote:

seems we forgot to decide who is doing it this week. Given that I forgot to follow up
and the fact that I am waiting for feedback from containers/image I will take the role.

Let's decide on Monday.

Moving forward, shall we decide whose turn it is over the next few weeks. At least until
we had a full rotation. Amit and Andreas, do you want to be part of the rotation?

Good to know you are enthusiastic about it. You both are welcome.

Shall I integrate this into Minibot? We basically use hubot-auth (that's what drives
who is part of the standup) to define a 'neromancer' role. After standup we "shout out"
the current necormancer and every Monday the next person with the role becomes the active

Nice. Definitely, it would be better reminder then reminding manually by someone.  

@amit: Necromancer Role as Hardy mentioned in other email thread:

My main aim is to have an ongoing review of existing issues and an attempt 
to respond to long standing issues.
So the Necromancer would be responsible to groom issues and follow up on 
issues which for example need investigation or some other form of attention. 
The outcome could be a bug fix, schedule for sprint planning, resolution as 
not re-producible, etc


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