here is some of the information I collected over time in gists to run Che on Minishift:


  # Che on Fedora 25

Mosty I have been re-using the scripts as used in `che start`, but they were not correct for use on a SELinux enabled host. There is still an issue I filed at https://github.com/eclipse/che/issues/4461 related to this. Some discussions with Mario, Karan and Tyler followed, but had since then not allocate time to work on this

At least in the LiveCD we did have some issues with ports not being opened correctly, etc. And as you can see, all the storage needs to be relcoated to `/mnt/sda1/chedata` or something similar. One of the issues on the LiveCD to enable something for this is: https://github.com/minishift/minishift-centos-iso/pull/127 to relocate `/opt` to the persistent storage volume.




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