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any more strong feelings regarding 'addons' vs 'add-ons' regarding the repo name?

I would suggest we append "minishift" to the repo name because when an user clones the repo the local directory name would be better if it is minishift-addons as compared to add-ons or addons.

I believe this is up to the user. I have many repository renamed by hand, to create some order, and if the name is in use already they get an alternative name (suffixed with -1 IIRC) . For instance, docker/machine is also a very generic term, or expressjs/express. I think minishift/addons is clear enough.

I disagree because machine is a go project. So contributors need to keep it  in docker/machine but for a non go project I do not think we can apply the same logic. Also add-ons is a very generic name and it might be confusing to me if I have lot of directories.

Although, as I mentioned I'd rather see 'contrib' as it indicates that people can propose addons and other material which serve or help with minishift. Pretty much as what is done for many of the ansible repos we have.
Renaming a repository is not something you should think lightly about (rather don't do).