On Wed, Aug 2, 2017 at 12:44 AM, Hardy Ferentschik <hardy@ferentschik.de> wrote:

any more strong feelings regarding 'addons' vs 'add-ons' regarding the repo name?

I would suggest we append "minishift" to the repo name because when an user clones the repo the local directory name would be better if it is minishift-addons as compared to add-ons or addons. It is not go code so users do not need to maintain the directory structure of minishift/addons for the local copy. Though user can still clone it to be minishift-addons even if we name it addons or add-ons but that would not be default experience.

Ideally I would like to create the repo prior to the 1.4.0 release announcement in order to include and advertise it there.


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