On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 1:28 AM, Hardy Ferentschik <hardy@ferentschik.de> wrote:

there is a very important issue raised in the origin repo -

The ability of cluster up to provision earlier versions of OpenShift is causing issues
(surprise surprise). There is a request to remove this feature.

Originally we also aligned oc version when provisioning earlier OpenShift versions as the current
baseline. However, due to issues we encountered we went over to an approach where earlier versions of
the baseline are provisioned with the baseline version of oc. I cannot remember which exact issues we
were facing. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.

How do we stand towards this issue? How important is this feature to us?

The existing flexibility helped us for sure. But if they can not continue because of technical reasons and because it is not sustainable then we do not have a choice.

I think for Minishift upstream we still have the choice to download respective baseline oc binary ( can not remember if we faced issue in the past because of that).



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