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Hi Max,

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One thing I noticed - shouldn't minishift delete ask for confirmation ?

You are absolutely correct here and we agree and hence we have issue [1] to
handle it. It will come with --force
flag to skip confirmation.

Right. This is an issue I personally filed somewhere in February. And
we have marked it as an 'easyfix', which means that the community can
have a go at it, as an intro or low hanging fruit. But this kind of
excludes us from working on it... until someone deems this very high
priority. Although I lost a test setup with this command, the
frustration hasn't been high enough to escalate and work on it. ;-)

We will be posting more recordings, and maybe even short videos about
the usage of Minishift. If you have a suggestion what you would like
to see being covered, just let us know.

will do.

Again, great stuff - I need to update and retry minishift now :)

Do not forget, updating is easy now:

$ minishift update

minishift update
Error: unknown command "update" for "minishift"
Run 'minishift --help' for usage.
F0810 12:10:20.646212   17352 root.go:95] unknown command "update" for "minishift"

dammit - I'm behind! :)

Yes :), 'update' command added from v1.1.0 onwards which released on June 6.

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